Pay Everywhere with Google Pay™ and bonsai

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Pay Everywhere with Google Pay™ and bonsai

Start paying anywhere you want using Google Pay™ on your smartphone. When you’re on a shopping spree or just out running errands, a sapling is sprouting because of you. How’s that for a ripple effect?

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A free Mastercard®.
Full benefits, no downsides.

Free Mastercard from bonsai
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Completely free. No start-up fee. No monthly fee for the rest of your life… (Say what? Yes, you heard us!)

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Pay worldwide. From a designer shop on the Antwerp high street to a bakery in middle-of-nowhere Canada

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Your payments are processed the same way as your regular bank card, not at the end of the month.

Your payments, our concern

bonsai collaborates with Mastercard, Google and Belgian banks to make it dead easy to pay wherever.

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You don’t need a digipass to set-up Google Pay. Your smartphone and a couple minutes of your time are all you need. Set it up while waiting in the checkout line and pay by the time you get to the cashier. You’ll also earn back that time because Google Pay is the fastest way of paying. Make your purchase in nanoseconds flat.


We use the Mastercard network to process your transactions. Mastercard has the most strict requirements to guarantee secure payments. On top of that, your data will never be shared with the merchant. Ever. How’s that for privacy?


Almost all terminals accept contactless payments. From now on, you can leave your wallet at home. Don’t forget your smartphone though, you’ll need that to pay.

And there’s more...

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Every 10 payments you make with bonsai, we plant a tree. Sceptical? Check out Eden Reforestation Project, and you’ll be sold. Just like we were. They’re now our tree planting partner in crime…without the crime of course. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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With every payment, you can also get cashback. Discover all our deals in the bonsai app. When you pay with your debit card or bonsai Mastercard at one of our partners, money is deposited in your bank account. Sound too good to be true? Go see for yourself.

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