Frequently asked questions

How does bonsai pay back the planet?

For every 10 payments you make, bonsai plants a tree. To do this, we work with Eden Reforestation Projects. They plant trees in their partner countries where they think it’s needed most.

How do I know it’s safe to pay using the bonsai app?

bonsai is a payment institution licensed by the National Bank of Belgium. That should be all the assurance you need that the app meets all standards for the security of your account, data and money. But, if you’d like to know more go here.

How are bonsai QR payments made?

Payments are securely made through touch ID, facial recognition or a 6-digit PIN code number.

How does the bonsai QR payment process work?

Open the bonsai app.

Scan the salesperson’s QR-code

Confirm your payment using touch ID, face ID or your 6-digit PIN code.

Why do I need to reconnect my bank account each 3 months?

For security reasons, we ask you to reconnect your bank account every 3 months. This is necessary in order to continue using and paying via the bonsai app. Think of it as logging into a device that does not belong to you. We just want to make sure that you have full control over what happens.

Are there costs?

bonsai is a completely free way to make payment. As in, there are no additional costs involved. Plus, it helps the planet. How’s that for paying it forward?

What does the 'available amount' mean?

bonsai limit

This is the available balance on your bank account (with a maximum of 10 000 EUR). bonsai does not allow your account to go below zero. Would you like to change your limit? Say the word! Contact us at

Pending amount

This amount is the sum of all recent transactions that haven't yet been fully processed by bonsai. This may take up to 2-3 days. Payments at our cashback partners do not affect this.

Available amount

This is the amount you can still spend with the bonsai app. Once bonsai has processed your payments, your available amount will go up again. Payments at our cashback partners do not affect this.

I forgot my PIN code. What should I do?

Go to your account in the settings of the bonsai app. Under security you will find "Change your PIN". Just follow the steps in the app to change your PIN.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click on 'password reset' in the app. You’ll then get an email that allows you to reset your password.

I've got a new phone number. What should I do?

Let know you want to change your mobile number. Be sure to mention the e-mail address associated with your account, and your new mobile number (of course), and we’ll adjust this for you.

I've entered too many times a wrong password. What should I do?

Your account has been automatically blocked for your own security. Please send an email to to unlock your account.

Once this is done, you can request a new password via the button 'forgot password'.

I want to change email addresses. What do I need to do?

Go to the app. Select settings > personal data. You can change your email address in this screen.

I entered an incorrect name. What should I do?

Send an email to with the change of your name. We will do the work.

What happens with my data when I deactivate my account?

As a payment institution licensed by the National Bank of Belgium, we are also obliged to comply with the anti-money laundering legislation. This legislations imposes the obligation to retain data for a period of 10 years after the end of the business relationship. This is a legal exception to the right of data removal provided in the privacy legislation.  

However, your data will only be retained for the purpose of complying with this anti-money laundering legislation; it will not be used for any other purpose.

Why do I need to accept an SEPA Direct Debit mandate?

A SEPA Direct Debit does not mean that we will be taking monthly charges from your account. It means that when you make a payment through the bonsai app or with the bonsai Mastercard, you give us permission to withdraw the money from your account. At no point will bonsai ever withdraw money from your account without your approval.

Does bonsai charge for the SEPA Direct Debit?

No, bonsai will never charge you extra!

Please note, however, that some banks will charge additional costs if a SEPA Direct Debit cannot be executed immediately on the account. bonsai is not responsible for these costs.

How can I earn cashback with the bonsai app?

The first step is to link your account in the bonsai app. Then when you make a payment with your regular bank card (or the bonsai Mastercard) to one of our affiliated merchants, we will detect this transaction and you will receive your cashback.

How long does it take for my cashback match to show up in the app?

It may take 2 to 3 working days before your match is visible in the app. If it takes a bit longer, don't panic!

I made a payment at one of the deals but I do not see a match in the app.

Has your payment been made less than 3 working days ago? Please wait, it takes a few days before we receive the match.

If your payment was made more than 3 working days ago, please contact us via the contact us page in the app and we will sort this out for you. Be sure to mention the account, the deal and the date when you made the payment.

When do I receive my cashback payout?

If your match has been approved by the merchant, you'll receive your cashback payout on the beginning of the next month.

Why I do not get a cashback match for every payment at a deal?

There are 2 types of cashback. "Only on your next payment" means that you can only have 1 cashback match. "On every payment" means that each time you make a payment at a deal we can detect a match.

Is there an expiry date on a cashback deal?

Yes, every deal has an expiry date. You can check the cashback details in the app how long a cashback stays valid. No worries, some deals might get extended.

Are there specific conditions on cashback deals?

Yes, some deals have special conditions. You can check the conditions on the cashback details in the app.

Can you pay with Google Pay on any Android device?

You can pay with Google Pay on any Android device with version 5.0 or higher and Near Field Communication (NFC). Check if your smartphone has NFC in Settings > Connections.

Where can I download the Google Pay app?

Google Pay is installed on most Android devices by default. If it’s not, download Google Pay in the Google Play Store. The app works on all devices that have version 5.0 or higher.

How can I pay with Google Pay?

Open the bonsai app, click on the “G Pay” button and hold your smartphone close to the payment terminal. You’ll hear a ping sound, your phone will vibrate and your screen will say you’ve won the lottery. Just kidding. This screen will indicate that your payment has gone through. Disappointed? Don’t be: Mother Nature just won the lottery thanks to your purchase.

Where can I pay with Google Pay?

You can pay with Google Pay in all stores that accept contactless payment AND display the Mastercard logo on the payment terminal.

What if I lose my smartphone?

If you lose your smartphone, please contact our customer support at +32 472 85 57 03 or and we’ll help you out.

Can I pay with Google Pay using wearables?

Yes, but only with wearables that support Google Pay. Click here for more info.

⚠️ Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay and Fitbit Pay are not supported.

Is Google Pay safe?

Google ensures payments are both SAFE and CONVENIENT. Being Google, they make use of the most advanced technologies in the world. Buyer beware though, it’s your responsibility to look out for online scams or other forms of fraud such as phishing.

Why do I have to re-authorise Google Pay every 3 months?

For safety reasons we ask you to re-link your bank account every 3 months. This is necessary to keep paying with Google Pay. Think of it like logging in to a device that isn’t your own – we just want to make sure you have complete control over what’s happening.

What is the bonsai spending limit?

To see your spending limit, select your bank account in the bonsai app. Bonsai does not allow your bank account to go below €0, even if your bank does. We like to help you stay debt-free.

What does the 'pause card' button do?

When your card is paused, it can no longer be used to make payments. This includes Google Pay Payments. You can unpause your card at any time to continue paying.

How can I block my account?

You can block your account by contacting us the good old-fashioned way at +32 472 85 57 03 or

What happens to my card if I deactivate my account at bonsai?

When you request to deactivate your account, we will automatically block your virtual bonsai Mastercard. This means it can no longer be used, nor reactivated.

What is the difference between a bonsai Mastercard and a classic credit card?

Bonsai offers a credit card with ALL benefits and NO downsides.

  • This card is completely FREE.
  • It works like a REGULAR BANK CARD. The money is withdrawn from your account shortly after you made a payment, not at the end of the month.

Beware. This credit card does not offer insurance.

Can I also request a physical card?

No, sustainability is of major importance to bonsai. This is why we only offer a virtual card.

Why do I need to answer a question and fill in a code when I pay online?

The EU tightened security on online payments in April 2021. This means that payments will require a digipass or other security measures. We have chosen to ask security questions and to enter a unique code that will be sent to you via SMS. This way you can pay safely anytime, anywhere.

How can I change my 3 security questions?

You can change your security questions by contacting us via

Why does it say Credit on my card?

This is because the bonsai card makes use of the Mastercard credit network to process your payments. We don’t offer credit the way Mastercard does, however.
You can only spend as much money as you currently have in the bank account linked to the bonsai app (see “bonsai spending limit” above).

How much will this card cost me?

The bonsai Mastercard is completely free.

When will the funds be withdrawn from my bank account?

It takes anywhere from 1 to 3 business days for your money to be withdrawn from your bank account, depending on your bank.

Why does my bank not yet support Google Pay?

At the moment, not every bank has the PSD2 connection capabilities to offer the open banking services that allow for Google Pay to work. Do you want to know if your bank supports Google Pay? Go to our Google Pay page.

Can I pay with bonsai Mastercard abroad?

Yes, for sure! However, always be aware that a merchant may charge you extra for paying with a foreign currency. bonsai will never charge you extra.

Can I request a bonsai Mastercard when I do not live in Belgium?

Currently you can only request a bonsai Mastercard when you have your residency in Belgium. 

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