We are on a mission: paying back the planet

Creating easy-to-use, smart technology that makes it easy to be proactive about protecting the planet and the great people living on it.

We are on a mission: paying back the planet

A big impact through a small effortless shift

For every 10 payments you make with us, we plant a tree. By encouraging people to make sustainable habit changes with the help of technology. Heck, it’s more low barrier than turning the tap off while brushing your teeth.

Everything we dream up, brainstorm about, and ultimately put out into the world contributes to our big-picture vision: to have a long-lasting, sustainable impact on people and the planet.

We are

With bonsai, the name of the game is positive change and taking action. That’s where your payments via the app come in. The best action you can take to get trees in the ground is using bonsai, unless of course you want to put on a pair of boots, pick up a shovel and start planting trees. And that’s okay, too. We’re serious about  putting sustainability first. In fact, it’s exactly what we strive for every day at bonsai. 

Are we perfect? Well, our philosophy comes pretty close, but on the whole, no, we’re anything but. However, we are determined to keep putting our money where our mouth is and improve any way we can.

We are

We believe that the best way to encourage people to change is by removing the barriers to do so. That means designing an intuitive interface that’s dead easy to use. With the bonsai app, every user has a direct impact on society and the planet just by scanning their phone to pay.

We’re innovative

Innovating is how you win in today’s business climate. Keeping it old school is how you protect today’s actual climate. What we’re doing is a mash-up between the two: creating a super innovative app that puts money in the pockets of people doing the grunt work of planting your trees, one by one.  We always have one eye on the latest banking trends to keep offering you innovative ways to easily implement sustainability in your life. The other eye we keep trained on how we can optimise our service to help nature do its thing. And our third eye? That’s looking inward to see how we can be better people all around.

How do
we do this?

Everyone at bonsai works here because they believe in each of our core values. Because beyond being ultra talented and highly skilled pros, it’s only through a strong belief in what we stand for -- and a turbo-charged drive to achieve great things -- that we can make bonsai a success.

Curious about whether we have hipster beards and wear Birkenstocks? Meet the team, learn what makes them tick, and why they chose a career at bonsai!

the team!

We know that a product is only as strong as its users. Every bonsai user is a part of the great human chain . Quite honestly, we wouldn’t get anywhere without you. We like to think of it the perfect match: you, our users, and our fantastic hard-working team busting pollution and ensuring sustainability is a success and the planet is healthier. Pure magic.

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