bonsai Spending Insights

Manage your finances and future spending with bonsai now. No hassle with complicated calculations, no spreadsheets needed - and no stress.

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Keep an overview with categories

bonsai automatically categorises your expenses. See where your money goes and never overspend again.

My budget

Never overspend again!

Time to create a budget that really works. Set your monthly goals - and achieve them.

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Spending Insights for Desktop

Spending Insights web

Upgrade your budget game with our web version! Get a clear overview of your spending on the big screen and keep a close eye on every penny with handy CSV export!

For you

We've got your back!

At bonsai, it's all about YOU. Your spending, your financial journey – it's our mission to do the heavy lifting while you sit back, relax, and let bonsai take the wheel. We've got you covered!

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Use your phone's camera to scan and download the bonsai app.
Available on iOS and on Android