Plant a tree with your De Lijn trip

Buy your ticket with bonsai. Enjoy your ride and make a positive impact. For every 10 journeys, we plant a tree.

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Your trip just became
300% more ecological

350g CO2 emission

On average, a bus emits 70g/km of CO2. If you know that an average trip with De Lijn is 5 km, you produce 350g of CO2 during your trip.

1.200g CO2 reduction

For every 10 journeys paid for with bonsai, we plant a tree, which in turn reduces 12 kg of CO2. Pay back the planet…three times!


You can buy your ticket before getting on the bus. It’s cheaper than an SMS ticket. It’s only 2,5 €.


Confirm your ticket with your favorite payment methods: Touch ID, Face ID or PIN.

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