On Wednesday 24 April 2019, the 12th edition of the two-day prestigious street soccer tournament will start again. Multiple teams compete for honour and the glorious cup! A great spectacle with excitement guaranteed, so come along to watch!

In addition to the beautiful and nerve-racking matches from morning till evening you can count on a lot of other activities, a large terrace, and an atmosphere that will leave you speechless!

On Wednesday 24 April 2019 we start around 2 pm with the first part of the groups and with the complete women’s competition. The final of this is scheduled around 8 pm.

The second half of the matches will be played on Thursday morning April 25 followed by the 2nd group stage and the final rounds. The final will take place around 9 pm.

As if this is not exciting enough, you can also compete for the ‘drinking’ cup!

Grab a beer, pay mobile.

No cash in your pocket? Forgot your wallet? Or are you just straight-from-the-future? No worries! Pay effortlessly with Cashfree on Student Street Soccer XII in Ghent.

Registration takes only 2 minutes and you can pay immediately.
What are you waiting for? Just download the app.

For more information regarding the event, registrations, photos or videos, please visit the website of the VEK or the Facebook event.