More than just planting trees.

You spent. New forests get created.

But how? Bonsai helps to give back to the planet by planting a tree for every 10 payments you make with the bonsai app. That’s great right!

With this article, we provide more clarity on how bonsai plants trees and why we choose to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects. Furthermore, we want to highlight the fact that users don’t pay any extra fees for using the app or for planting trees. Therefore, we want to clarify how bonsai makes this all possible.

Let’s go bonsai!


What’s Bonsai About?

Bonsai is a payment app with a focus on usability, providing an alternative for traditional payment apps provided by your bank. 

You may wonder what’s the main difference? You can simply connect any bank account and make payments directly from the bonsai app. Every 10 payments you make with the bonsai app, we plant a tree. 

In other words, bonsai’s concept relies on a simple habit change by using bonsai instead of cash or grabbing a payment card. This may seem a small habit change, however, one with a large impact. In the end, you have to pay anyway. So, why not grab the chance to make a difference?

It’s undeniable climate change will affect you in the future, and perhaps, is already affecting you right now. In an attempt to cut down on emissions, planting trees is one of the better options to reduce our planet’s carbon footprint.

So, why did we choose to plant trees? Bonsai asks you to change a single habit — the way you pay. It’s one of the easiest habits to change. Changing your paying habit has little or no impact on your daily routine but a big impact on your environment. We found this a great opportunity to create local partnerships and bring the ability to plant trees to the users.


Why is Bonsai Cost-Free?

Bonsai works through establishing relationships with local merchants. A merchant can decide to accept payments using bonsai. Whenever you pay using the bonsai app in one of those shops, a small percentage of bonsai’s revenue is credited to your tree planting balance. Once you hit 10 payments, the value of this balance is sufficient for planting a single tree and is donated to Eden Reforestation Projects.

In other words, as a consumer, you don’t pay more for the goods or services you purchase. However, on the other side of the deal, we contribute a small percentage of our revenue to your tree planting balance.

Bonsai is very proud of establishing such a relationship with shop owners. Moreover, we accomplished the following goals:

  • Give users the possibility to plant trees by paying.
  • Give users the chance to easily contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint without paying more.
  • Provide users with an easy-to-use payment app that’s faster than traditional payment terminals.

To summarize, the bonsai app is free to use and this will also remain for its future. We believe that change should be frictionless. By providing a great alternative for traditional payment apps, we give you the chance to contribute to our world with little impact on your habits.


Introducing Eden Reforestation Projects

At the time of writing, Eden Reforestation Projects has planted 345,041,465 trees in over eight countries, creating 3,450,414 workdays for local communities. 

Bonsai chose to partner with Eden which is a non-profit organization on a mission to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers and make them ambassadors of the forests of the future. 

The main purpose of Eden is planting trees and providing organizations with a safe, reliable, and trustworthy project to take care of the tree planting process. 

It may sound like a simple process to just plant a couple of trees, however, it’s definitely not. Eden makes connections with local, impoverished villagers to provide them with fair wage employment. Overlooking this process starts with finding the right location, building relationships with locals, supplying trees that are ready to be planted, and actually planting them. This process requires a lot of resources, and therefore, has created many local jobs.

For this reason, bonsai partnered with Eden as they not only reduce our carbon footprint but also provide job opportunities for impoverished communities. Furthermore, the project focuses on providing transparency and openness about how they work. This is a great value for organizations supporting Eden’s projects and want to show the results of their contributions.

At this point, bonsai has planted more than 620 trees by the 2200 people that have changed their paying habits. We expect this number to grow exponentially in the future to achieve an allocated piece of land for planting solely bonsai generated trees.

To be able to increase transparency about where your trees are planted, we made it our personal mission to increase usage so we can show with 100% certainty where your trees are being planted!

Check out our new Forest page to see an update on how many trees we have planted.

Beyond Planting Trees – What’s the Impact?

Besides planting trees, there’s a much bigger impact! Let’s take a look at the below model that explains both the broader environmental and human impact of planting trees in those communities.

New forests help to restore animal habitats but also restore local rainfall patterns. This increased availability of water is of high importance for the local farmers as it increases water supplies but also improves the purity of the water.

Furthermore, the roots of all the planted trees keep the ground together, slowing down or entirely halting the erosion and flooding processes. As a positive side effect, the soil is able to solidify and absorb essential minerals, increasing soil quality. 

One step further in this “positive impact cycle”, we find farmers using this high-quality soil to plant crops and increase their yield. This creates stable, local economies that further reduce poverty and decrease the chances of the population falling in the hands of slavery.

To us, it was quite a surprise what kind of far-reaching effects a simple act of planting a tree can have on local communities.


Towards a Carbon-Free World

Lastly, we want to give a shout out to Eden Reforestation Projects and thank them for building such a large-scale organization that contributes to the well-being of our future. But more importantly, we want to thank the local communities who are actually creating our planet’s green lungs!


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  • Want to make a donation? Visit Eden’s donation page.
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